Intentions of the Holy Father for April

Ecology and Justice. That governments may foster the protection of creation and the just distribution of natural resources.
Hope for the Sick. That the Risen Lord may fill with hope the hearts of those who are being tested by pain and sickness.

The Bishop of Bayonne Roars

Consider the policy of His Grace, (Catholic) Archbishop Vincent Nichols of Westminster, regarding organ donation, which is uncritical and careless at best. Click here to read. His attitude shows a clear lack of the sort of cautious discernment manifest in the Catechism, for instance.

Contrast this attitude with that of Msgr. Marc Aillet, Bishop of Bayonne, to another part of the Brave New World agenda. He has been gaining notoriety in France for his outspoken opposition to actions the French government, most recently the Gay Pride event hosted by a city in his diocese. Click here to read.

It is interesting to note that in England, the Church has legal freedom to preach its conscience on any matter, whereas in France it is illegal for the Church to speak on issues considered (by whom? the Government?) to be purely political. I suppose it is natural that we Christians sleep when left alone, but wake up when prodded and persecuted. We have to pray for our bishops hard, because it is their job to wake the rest of us up!

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